Firm Overview

10519255_10152583757304731_3533888801919910892_nWe are a firm of leading accident attorneys that specialize in maritime law.  We do cover other areas of personal injury but our main focus is on ship accidents, boat accidents, jet-ski accidents, and any other type of maritime legal situation.  We have well over 25 years of experience handling these types of cases and we will give you the best chance of financial compensation.  It’s always best to hire an attorney who handles the specific type of case that you have simply because they are always more knowledgeable.  Would you want an attorney handling their first maritime accident case or do you want a team of attorneys on your side who have handled dozens and have the results to back it up?  Not a hard choice is it?

We offer free consultations for all of our potential new clients and we will travel to you.  Like most other personal injury law firms, we don’t charge a fee unless we win your case.  We put all the money required to win your cases including hiring legal experts, reconstruction reports, contact and gather witnesses, and many other expenses.  We take all the risk and you get the reward.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a maritime accident or other major personal injury accident, contact us today to schedule a consultation.  We can help you right away!